“ALFA-DELTA” Security Services (LLC), which provides security services to small, medium-sized and large business enterprises, as well as to life and health of citizens, uses not only the ever-improving forms and methods of security services, but also legal, organizational and ethical approaches to security.

“ALFA-DELTA” was founded in 2010 and in a very short period of time has earned a reputation of a reliable and stable organization, which is based on professionalism, effective communication with law enforcement bodies, rapid problem solving, flexible approach to cooperation, as well as the use of latest technology developments.

“ALFA-DELTA” has repeatedly proved that it is not only able to protect and preserve the corporate interests of entrepreneurs, but also ready to undertake (undertakes) a part of the work of complying with the statute, acting both independently and in close cooperation with law enforcement bodies. Guards with strong professional skills and experience comprise the core of the staff. Most of our employees are former officers of army and security forces. The company disposes of significant technical and material resources, which secures the high quality of our services.

“ALFA-DELTA” Security Services has the necessary infrastructure: duty shift service, storage room for weapons, monitoring center with special radio channel, our own means of transportation. The rapid response team, which has 4 cars, brand NIWA 21214, provides patrols 24 hours a day. For representation purposes, for protecting and escorting VIP-persons or delegations the firm uses its own vehicles of other brands. Today at twenty-four-hour duty we have several rapid response teams that consist of trained and armed guards, equipped with special gear and equipment. In case of receiving "Alarm" signal, this group reaches the site in 3-7 minutes and is ready to immediately provide the necessary knowledgeable assistance.

The arsenal of “ALFA-DELTA” Security Services includes all the allowed types of weapons and special equipment: service, gas and traumatic weapons, rubber truncheons, bullet proof vests. Radio stations and mobile phones are used as means of communication.

Today “ALFA-DELTA” Security Services provides a full spectrum of services ranging from providing security to facilities by technical means, which include: installation of security systems and CCTV systems and access control of any degree of complexity, maintenance of these systems, monitoring of facilities, and finishing with protection services: physical protection of facilities, actions of rapid response teams in case of "Alarm" signal, escort of valuable cargo and protection of VIP-persons.

“ALFA-DELTA” Security Services closely cooperates not only with law enforcement and security agencies, but also with other security companies.

Our consultants are ready to work with you to meet all your needs connected with security services.

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